How is OMEGA PAVING different from its competitors?

Omega offers value that goes beyond simply bidding on a project and paving a road. We offer know-how that assists the client in understanding its risk management capacity, sustainable capitalization model, economic benefits from the resulting project, direct and indirect job creation, alternative revenue streams along with tax credits and other little known (and hidden) opportunities.

Additionally, we also provide a turnkey package for the roads building along with the design, planning, buildout and administration of the broadband networks with both programming platforms, customer support, service and administration for billing as well.  

Do you provide emergency service?

We provide service and support both online and onsite when maintenance or repairs are required during normal business hours.  This includes any of the services that Omega provides within its scope of offerings. 

What are your financing options?

We walk you and your team through a unique financing and underwriting model that is specifically designed to maximize the budget, capital inflows and sustainability of small and rural municipalities. Omega and its banking partners understand how small communities work and have designed a funding/risk model that understands the value in your locale. We pride ourselves on positive management of your expectations while presenting you with realistic innovation that will both surprise and delight in the opportunity that our process  

We can schedule a preliminary assessment to review your project and design a execution plan that is mutually beneficial for all parties.