History and Background

Omega Paving & Construction Management Group, LLC is a State of Georgia Incorporated, specialty construction Innovation firm that has been creating value for clients in rural municipal(Cities/County) and developing international markets (Caribbean/African Countries) with unique road and infrastructure challenges impacted by extreme weather conditions such as erosion, flooding or other road destabilizing problems.  

We offer Turnkey Solutions as remedy to solve unpaved, immature, or non-existent road and broadband infrastructure typically to clients that have a minimum of 2000 households with the average being approximately 5000.  Omega Paving started operating primarily as applied research and development entity due to significant resistance and barriers to entry from traditional asphalt/concrete construction enterprises. provides technical support, client and contractor training along with construction services in the areas of: underground utilities, applications for road building, resurfacing, streets and highway building, curb & gutters, sidewalks, driveways, bridge culverts; support for bio-enzyme solutions that are particularly beneficial when applied to environmental remediation and alternative soil stabilization, paving methods for road construction/reconstruction that challenge municipal and county governments; Omega provides consultation to Governments designed to enhance that Governments delivery of services to its constituents. Omega Paving supplies a cutting-edge paving enzyme Pave-ZYME (PZ 22-X). The company has survived because we had the vision to foresee a time when the cost of road building/sustainability would be the primary drivers for municipal purchasers primarily in lower densely populated communities where the tax base may limit revenues for covering the cost of such investments.

We have continued to perfect a model that looks at overriding economic benefits for developing communities which determine best practices, application strategies and market expansion opportunities. From cost effective road development to waste water storage and soil erosion challenges, Omega provides its clients with creative solutions that begin with detailed project analyses that provide a comprehensive economic understanding of the drivers, barriers and potential that exist in their locality and finishes with a public-private partnership model that wraps the project into an affordable, realistic bond package.

In 2018, Omega expanded its scope of services to offer broadband design, planning and implementation due to market analysis showing strong correlation between road accessibility and broadband service and maintenance. We help underserved communities identify opportunities within reach along with hidden assets that can be leveraged to cover the cost of entry and maintenance. Roads and Broadband are widely recognized as the catalyst for greater connectivity, economic growth, and opportunity in any community.

Omega has the passion, knowledge, and expertise to create infrastructure access that moves communities from physical highways to digital highways.