Omega is prepared to work with a client’s engineers to develop a customized design/build specification for Omega client’s road needs. To meet those needs, Omega utilizes it team of field technicians to provide quality control. Here are some services we can help you with.

IT & Network Engineering: Delivering an array of services from Network Engineering Planning & Designand Network Operations Center (NOC) management to Cyber Security, Fiber Optics Inside/Outside plantand Field Support Engineering for theDoD, Local governments and commercial entities.

SATCOM: Providing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in Strategic and Tactical Satellite Communications (SATCOM) facilities and peripheral equipment with life cycle engineering capabilities through O&M for SATCOM systems in commercial, DOD, SATCOM and Teleport facilities.

Logistics: Delivering Subject Matter Expertise(SME) and up to DAU Level III certified Logistic professionals in all phases of a product or system’s Life Cycle (from cradletograve) in the development and maintenance of advanced C4ISR systems and sub systems to include Satellite Communication Systems(Antennas, antenna array components, electronic warfare) in the DoD, Local governments and commercial entities.

Data Management :Providing Subject Matter Expertise(SME) Data management support for cloud architecture, distributed data warehousing, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

Project Management: Providing Subject Matter Expertise(SME) with PMP and DAU Level III certified Project Managers in quality customer support and consult across an array of project types from IT and portfolio project management to acquisition management.