Our Products


The main product used by our company is PAVE-ZYME (PZ-22X). PAVE-ZYME (PZ-22X) is a unique natural enzyme product developed from organic plant material making it a superior asset in the bonding and compaction of soil and the creation of permanent roadbeds and wear surfaces from insitu materials. It also stabilizes soils in the construction of roads, equipment yards, berms and airstrips and seals ponds and lakes.

PAVE-ZYME (PZ-22X) offers a convenient low cost method for improvising soil workability and ease of compaction. It increases strength and durability enabling lower construction cost, less maintenance and greater performance. It also has properties which bind dust particles together to maintain a longer dust free environment.


Another product we use is Zymplex. Zymplex uses naturally occurring organic materials combined with surfactants and other biologically stimulating ingredients which, together formulate a very effective cleaning/odor control product. Regular use of Zymplex will keep grease traps, drains, garbage disposals, wet wells and septic systems free flowing and odorless. Available in 5 and 55-gallon containers. Freezing will not impair Zymplex, but may cause container to rupture.

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